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Csopak is a quiet and nice holiday resort at the north shore of Balaton in a beautiful little bay near Balatonfüred. The picturesque surroundings of Csopak appeal to artists, holidaymakers and nature lovers alike. The main attractions are the bathing beach, the fragrant Csopak wines, the refreshing mineral spring waters, the breathtaking view from the Sándor Endrődy Lookout on Csákány Hill, and the warm hospitality of this foothill community.

This holiday cottage is a two-storey building in a calm, peaceful street, this house can hold 8-10 people. The front yard and the back yard are also grassy with a spacious manoeuving room, parking possibilities and a swimming pool. At the top floor there are two rooms with a balcony, a shower and a toilet. At the ground floor there's a bedroom a living room with a huge balcony, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.The rooms are spacious, convenient with a view to Lake Balaton.

The road number 71 in the north of the lake, the railway station and the beach are 5 minutes by car. There are restaurants, inns and grocer's not far from the holiday cottage.